• The Luxe Minimalist Wallet - Quick Access

The Luxe Minimalist Wallet - Quick Access

The Luxe Quick Access is a customer favorite for good reason, a few review snippets below:


"It is my 15th wallet and immediately goes into the top 3"
"The Luxe Quick Access Wallet offers you style and substance without having to return to the dark ages."


"Some of the best quality leather wallets you can find. I’ve purchased a handful of items and the attention to detail and craftsmanship is amazing. The Luxe Quick Access has been a personal favorite, and stays in my pocket everyday!"


"Love my willow craft goods!! The attention to detail on all my pieces amazes me, every time I get something in the mail I’m blown away, I own two luxe wallets"


The Luxe Quick Access Minimalist Wallet has 2 main inside pockets for card carry and one larger inside rear pocket for bills folded in half once and/or receipts. The quick access version of The Luxe has the same inside features, while also having a card pocket on the outside of the wallet for your most commonly used cards. 


Signature Willow Craft design cues embody The Luxe, providing you with a spectacular wallet in both form and function with minimalist design.


Dimensions: 4" x 3.25" (3.5" wide at strap)


Please view the Collection Overview video below.