The Toby Modular Wallet

The Toby Modular Wallet is another unique stitchless wallet for the Willow Craft Goods Lineup.

When designing the Toby Wallet, we had a few items on the wish list.

The main wish being an outside Quick Access card pocket in our horizontal carry platform similar to our Posh, Opus and Milo Wallets.

We also wanted to expand on the stichless platform that the Milo Wallet introduced. Not that stitching is bad in any way...we love a good saddle stitch. There is however a certain beauty to a stitch-less wallet. "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication" is something we always keep in mind while designing our leather goods. Stitch-less in our opinion is one step closer towards bringing that philosophy to life.

The third and final item on the list was to bring in a level of modularity to the wallet world. We love leather and we love colors. The possible combinations are endless and we really wanted to bring that aspect of our wallets to life.

The Toby Wallet is a culmination of the above items and is truly an original concept and design that we are proud to introduce.

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