Utilis Minimalist Wallet - Natural - Closeout

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Closeout Reason:

Slight design change in current offerings. 

Thin and light. The Utilis Minimalist Wallet, as the name suggests, is useful and practical.
With its minimalist design, The Utilis is simple and the lines clean.
The Utilis has 2 pockets. One for cards and another for un-folded cash. 
The goal of the Utilis was this: Create a wallet that could carry 6-8 cards and as much cash as I wanted without being thick.
In addition, I wanted the process of paying with cash to be simple, from opening the wallet, scanning through your bills, pulling out a select few, and finally putting any bills you acquired during the transaction back into the wallet with ease. 

General Capacity:

-5-7 Cards Inside Before Break In.

-Room for 10 or More Bills on the Inside Cash Pocket

Main: Wickett and Craig Natural Veg Tan

Secondary: Wickett and Craig Natural Veg Tan

Please View Our Utilis Wallet Overview Video here.

Leather is an organic material sourced from animal skin, more commonly cowhide. With this, there will be various differences in the leather characteristics from one product to the next. Leather often comes with scars or other marks on it that are a product of the animal's life.

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