Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

Our wallets are meticulously crafted and designed from start to finish with form and function in mind. We strive for minimalist designs that speak for themselves; with the goal to create a product that is undeniably Willow Craft Goods. "I want people to recognize our designs before seeing our logo."

The Swaddle - Our Best Selling Wallet

The Luxe Minimalist Wallet

The Luxe Minimalist Wallet - Quick Access

The Opus Minimalist Wallet

The Velox Minimalist Wallet

The Posh Minimalist Wallet

The Milo Stitchless Wallet

The Utilis Minimalist Wallet

Ready to Ship Products

Made to Order

Along with our unique designs, we also offer Made to Order options on our wallets so that you can put together something truly special.

Make My Own

Hand Crafted. Hand Stitched.

We believe in quality. All of our leather items are hand stitched with great care to ensure that the end user can be confident in their construction and solidity.

Some leather eye candy for your viewing.

We won't tell anyone you looked.