Leather Offerings

Below you will find our current leather offerings.
Sample images are for general color reference when making your selections on Made to Order products. As always with leather - there will be color variations in every side and piece overall.


Leather is an organic material sourced from animal skin, more commonly cowhide. With this, there will be various differences in the leather characteristics from one product to the next. Leather often comes with scars or other marks on it that are a product of the animals life.


You can click on each color sample for further details.


 "Blue Raspberry" MPG Industria Conceria - Aragona

"Charcoal" MPG Industria Conceria - Aragona

"Sierra" MPG Industria Conceria - Aragona

"Bordeaux" Badalassi Carlo Pueblo

"Olive" Badalassi Carlo Pueblo

"Ocean Blue" Italian Veg Tan

"Emerald Green" MPG Industria Conceria - Apollo

"Mustard Yellow" MPG Industria Conceria - Apollo

"Black" Italian Veg Tan

"Dark Mahogany" Conceria La Perla Azzurra Dakota, Mogano

"Bourbon" Italian Veg Tan

"Tobacco" MPG Industria Conceria - Apollo

"Whiskey" Conceria Walpier Dollaro

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