What kind of leather do you use?
We use only high-quality leather sourced from well known tanneries. See our Leather Options page to view our current leather offerings.
Shipping and Returns...What are the details?
Please follow this link for details: 
Ready to Ship vs Made-to-Order?
Everything we carry on the site is handcrafted meticulously with great care. We make the items in small batches and will post them in the online store as they are available.
If an item is listed as "Ready to Ship", this means it is on hand and ready-to-ship.
If an item is listed as "Made-To-Order", the item is not on hand, but can be ordered and we will start on one for you. See further details on our Made-to-Order Page Here
Can I have any personalization done?
We do not offer any personalization at this time. Requests for monogramming, and/or initial embossing will be declined.
Do you accept custom jobs?
At this time we are unable to offer custom services. Our time is dedicated to keeping the online store stocked with our current offerings.
Is the product pictured the one I will receive?
Product photos are shown to provide an example of the item you will receive and may not be the actual item.
What are some characteristics of handcrafted natural leather goods?
Leather is an organic material sourced from animal skin, more commonly cowhide. With this, there will be various differences in the leather characteristics from one product to the next. Leather often comes with scars or other marks on it that are a product of the animals life.
Handcrafted goods come with slight variations from one item to the next due to the nature of the process and items being made by humans rather than a machine.
Hand Cut, Die, Laser?
At this time we Hand Cut, as well use a Die cutter for some of the more complicated designs that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise.  


Some parts of our wallets are Die cut due to the complexity or to bring in certain aspects from the Die cut (such as smooth and rounded inside corners), while others of the same wallet are hand cut depending on the piece and cut complexity. Our ultimate goal is to offer an extremely clean end product and Die cuts allow us to continue to do that, keep waste minimal, and ultimately offer designs to our customers that otherwise wouldn't happen.


We do not have a laser machine at this time, however it is something we may look into as time progresses.
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