Thread and Hardware Options


Please note your primary thread color choice, snap closure color choice, and rivet color choice (if applicable) in the checkout page order notes for Made to Order items. 


Thread Colors: 

-Navy Blue
-Cigar - Darker Brown
-Taupe - Cream/Off White
-Mustard Yellow


 Snap Closure Color Options:

Brass Snap Closure

Silver Snap Closure


Rivet Color Samples:

At this time, Antique Brass is considered our default option. On our snap wallets such as the Milo - we will match the rivet color to the snap color (Brass or Silver).

We are using the flat rivets below rather than the copper ring rivets for the time being. (See recent Milo, Opus, Posh, or Velox wallets for reference).


Antique Brass:
Shiny Silver:
Matte/Brushed Silver: