Hello and Welcome to Willow Craft Goods!

The Who? See About Us Here.

The What? We make some pretty unique leather goods.

The Where? We are based in North Texas.

The When? See About Us Here.

The Why? As in why should I purchase a wallet from Willow Craft Goods?

That’s a great question. Take a quick look around the website, and you will see that we have a very original design sense. We put a lot of work into our designs and finishing. 

 “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” is what we keep in mind throughout the process. That doesn’t come easily though. Reaching a clean and functional combination of form and function is what we are all about. A quick view into the handcrafted leather wallet world and you may notice quite a few similar designs coming from a number of different makers or brands. We work to put out something unique, original, and different.

Take the above into account with our overall finishing efforts, attention to detail and I would say you have quite a few reasons to give us a try! 

How is the pricing on your goods?

Pricing is a huge factor when making any purchase. We are consumers as well, and we get it. Every purchase is pondered, and every "Submit Payment" button is pressed with slight hesitation. Below are a few notes on the subject.


Our wallets are meticulously hand crafted and hand finished here in the USA. We aren't a large corporation. You are buying unique goods directly from the maker. An increase in quality and care will always relate to a well founded increase in price.

If we are being real here…we have worked to be priced under or at most equal to similar wallets from various brands that often fall short of the finishing efforts that we put into every wallet that goes out the door. Granted, those details can sometimes be difficult to see when shopping online. 

Sure, brand X is charging Y amount, but from our point of view…brand X often times (not always) is sending out wallets lacking in some of the finishing details that we put into our goods. That doesn't make brand X a bad option by any means, it is simply something to take into account when weighing factors. 

Regardless, as long as you are happy with the money you have spent whether with us or someone else…that’s all that matters. The above is simply our view on the pricing vs value subject. In short, we put heart and soul into all that we do and believe that our wallets are worth the cost of admission. 

We also put together a short video here if you wish.

How do I place an order? 

At this time, the vast majority of our sales are Made to Order. We do have a few Ready to Ship items that show up now and then. You can view our current collections under the Shop tab, and any further ordering details under the About tab. Our Media tab houses a number of video overviews, as well as various resources to give you a good reference of the in's and out's of each design.


Feel free to reach out with any questions on our contact page.