Breaking In Your Leather Wallet

Hello! Thank you for purchasing a Willow Craft Goods wallet! A new leather wallet is stiff and needs to be broken in. You may find the cards difficult to slide into the pockets, or difficult to get out. This is normal and will be short lived!

We generally advise throwing in a extra card or two into the wallet pockets to facilitate some stretching overnight. Note that you don't want to overstretch the pockets to the point where the cards are real loose. This is especially true in the open carry designs of ours such as the Utilis, or Velox. 

On our Luxe design particularly, the cards will generally be a bit tight, and the closure flap will be difficult to slide in at first once you have put your cards in.

You can throw an extra card or two inside each of the pockets internally and leave them overnight - while not closing the wallet flap. After you pull the extra cards out, there will be a bit more room and inserting the closure flap will be easier, as well as pulling each card out in general.  

Feel free to watch the video below for an explanation of our process. After broken in, a Willow Craft Wallet will be a joy to use and carry.