• Original Swaddle

The Swaddle Minimalist Wallet - Original


The Original Swaddle Minimalist Wallet has loads of function packed into a great size. 

Ideal for the individual who carries a mixture of cards, cash, receipts, coins, etc... The width of the Original is tied closely to the width of a US Dollar at 2.75". We wanted something that would carry loads of cash or cards at a respectable size.

Loose Dimensions:

(~2.75" x 3.875") Slightly Wider at Strap

(7cm x 10cm)

Currency Notes:

Any bills measuring larger than 67mm wide will be too wide and/or very snug.

The Wide Swaddle will likely be the better option.

General Capacity:

Total Pockets Inside and Out: 4

Multiple carry options and pocket choices.

(We encourage you to watch an overview video on The Swaddle Wallet to better understand the carry options and possibilities)

-Card Capacity: 15+ (We were able to get 20 cards in and still close it. Break in status, leather type and slight leather thickness differences would affect this number)

-Cash Capacity: More than you should probably carry :) Also dependent on how many cards you are carrying. Cash can be carried folded in half on the outside, or inside. A "cash wrap" function is possible with the flap.

-Coin Capability: You can carry coins on the inside rear pocket IF the wallet is setup in the coin orientation which gives you two inside pockets and two outside pockets. See overview video for further details on this.


The Perfect Design!

Your original Swaddle design is fantastic! I have drawer full of wallets in the search of a functional, yet esthetically pleasing design and you have knocked it out of the park. Checks all the boxes for me; great looking design, minimalist form factor, holds good amount of cash folded no more than once, and has a quick access outer pocket. I've already ordered a few for Christmas gifts!