• SLIM Swaddle

The Swaddle Minimalist Wallet - Slim


The SLIM Swaddle Minimalist Wallet has loads of function packed into a small lovable package.  

Ideal for the individual who primarily carries cards. We got the size of the SLIM down just about as small as we could. You'll love it.

Loose Dimensions:

(~2.25" x 3.75") Slightly Wider at Strap

(5.75cm x 9.5cm)

General Capacity:

Total Pockets Inside and Out: 3 Pockets

-Up to 8-10 Cards in total after Break In

-Fits bills quartered if needed


Great usability

"I’ve been searching for the perfect minimalist wallet that holds cash but is super usable. This is it . I am in love with this little wallet and it is so easy to use. I usually carry 4-5 cards and 5-10 slips of cash on a daily basis and it fits easily. You can definitely fit more cards no problem. Overall I am tremendously satisfied and happy my search is over."