Bourbon - Italian Veg Tan


For our Bourbon Color Choice, we currently work with MPG Industria Conceria Apollo Bourbon/Cajun and Conceria Walpier's "Whiskey" Buttero. Both are 100% Veg Tanned Italian leather and give off a somewhat golden brown color. Lighter in color than our other offerings when compared with Tobacco or Dark Mahogany. As with all of our leather options, there are slight variances in color and/or darkness from piece to piece.
Each of them have a very slight matte glaze/sheen to them that gives them an incredibly clean look, while also being quite durable. Outside of being dark already - they will hold up better to scratching and will patina less when compared to un unglazed harness leather. With this, they do run a bit stiffer at first and require a good break in period like all of our leather offerings. Slight differences in leather thickness affect this break in period as well.