MPG Industria Conceria - Aragona - Blue Raspberry


We love working with MPG Industria Conceria's leather.

Aragona is a High Character Italian Veg tanned leather and will take on more character with carry and use (It will mark fairly easily). With that being said, it is gorgeous with no single piece looking the same. You can expect marks and striations throughout. 

Aragona is not a waxy leather and has an almost smooth and matte finish to it's touch. Almost as if you are running your hand over a freshly sanded piece of wood. It is fairly firm for a leather of this type, but not as stiff as our Apollo leather options such as our popular Bourbon leather.

Pull-up in leather can be defined as a difference in color when the leather is bent, stretched, pressed, etc. Generally you'll see some lighter tones coming through in it's pull-up. Aragona has loads of it, and the incredible pull-up further gives it that unique character you'll appreciate if you are considering it.