Teal - MPG Industria Conceria - Graffiti


MPG Graffiti is a similar leather to Badalassi Carlo's Pueblo leather in it's surface finish. It is a 100% Veg Tanned leather from Italy with wonderful quality and finish we have come to know and expect. The finish side of the leather is slightly textured and ever so soft to the touch. The finishing process really brings out the deep color in the leather and displays it in various color tones throughout.

When compared to Pueblo, Graffiti is slightly less dry and has a bit more oily/waxy feel to it overall. 

Due to the textured finish side, this leather holds up well to scratches and use marks. It will patina and darken over time, but generally holds it's original color throughout. Note that this leather is not quite as stiff as some of our other options.