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Luxe Minimalist Wallet - Quick Access - Ocean Blue

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The Luxe Quick Access Minimalist Wallet has 2 main inside pockets for card carry and one larger inside rear pocket for bills folded in half once and/or receipts. The quick access version of The Luxe has the same inside features, while also having a card pocket on the outside of the wallet for your most commonly used cards. 

Signature Willow Craft design cues embody The Luxe, providing you with a spectacular wallet in both form and function with minimalist design.

Loose Dimensions: 4" x 3.25" (3.5" wide at strap)

General Capacity:

-Up to 8 Cards Inside Before Break In (4 in each pocket).

-1-2 Cards in the outside quick access pocket.

-Additional room in the inside rear cash pocket for a number of bills folded in half.

Main: "Ocean Blue" MPG Industria Conceria - Apollo

Secondary: "Ocean Blue" MPG Industria Conceria - Apollo

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