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The Milo SLIM Stitchless Wallet - Made to Order

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Simple and Elegant.The Milo is a joy to carry and use due to the simplicity and unique construction.

The Milo Slim is just as it sounds - it is slightly slimmed down on the width from our original Milo. The Milo Slim was made for those who want the attractive minimalist design found in our regular Milo - but adjusted slightly to primarily be a card only wallet.

Our original Milo can hold bills folded in half once with ease, as well as receipts, etc. The Milo Slim removes that function to accommodate a smaller profile. Bills can still be folded twice and/or quartered to slide into the Milo Slim. The Milo Slim can also accommodate a "cash wrap" if the bills are folded in half once (See Video for Reference).

A single piece of leather makes up The Milo's stitchless construction. A flush snap has been used inside and out for a clean and unobtrusive snap - a small detail that was important to us in the finishing process.

The Milo has one main pocket under its fold. The pocket has generous room for up to 13 cards and cash quartered or wrapped. 

Loose Dimensions: 2.5" x 4"

Leather is an organic material sourced from animal skin, more commonly cowhide. With this, there will be various differences in the leather characteristics from one product to the next. Leather often comes with scars or other marks on it that are a product of the animals life.

Handcrafted goods come with slight variations from one item to the next due to the nature of the process and items being made by humans rather than a machine.
Product photos are shown to provide an example of the item you will receive and are not the actual item.

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